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6pcs Sticker Pack

6pcs Sticker Pack

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Sport your love of mindfulness + Doing Well Daily with these special-edition stickers! With joyful imagery and messages, these stickers are the perfect addition to your laptop or water bottle! 

These stickers are… 

  • Handmade in the USA, drawn by hand by our founder Syd 
  • Waterproof + weatherproof sealed  to protect against sun, water and scratches 
  • Various sizes, ranging from 1”-3” 
  • Thick, durable, vinyl material that’s ideal for sticking on water bottles, phones & laptops
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lynne Ford
I love stickers too

I didn't expect the surprise of stickers, not the same old stuff! Yours and Danielle's creative talents shine through each and every sticker. Thanks.

Ashleigh Todd
Doing Well Does it Well

I have been lucky to enough to enjoy the day book, stickers, and most recently a hat, too. I love it all, but since this is for the stickers, I’ll talk about those. They are so freakin’ cute and have made a great addition to my waterbottle. They are able to withstand being washed by hand, in the dishwasher, and even being left outside in the rain once...oops. 😂
All around great products — I will always support Syd!