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Let’s get real for a minute, sis.

How many times have you picked up yet another planner to get organized + achieve your goals, only to give up after a few days when you find the format rigid beyond BELIEF? Or decided, “hey, bullet journaling looks like a cute hobby!”  

Be honest… how many of these planners and journals do you buy with the best intentions, only for them to end up collecting dust?… Or how many more times can you say, “it makes a great coaster…” 

Hell no! It’s time for something you’re going to use each and every day to improve your life and mindfulness … not something that’s just gonna add to the overwhelm. Because let me tell you something - the reason that all those planners fell to the wayside has nothing to do with you... that planner really wasn’t all that + a bag of chips like you expected it to be. 

It wasn’t made for YOU. Because you’re made for MORE. 

It’s time to wave goodbye to the traditional journals and planners on the market. It’s time to make way for the Daybook…

Hey Pretty! I'm Syd

And I’m far from the only one! Here’s what Doing Well Daily fans have to say:

"The daybook has been absolutely amazing for me! I love how it helps me create structure with my days but also allows me to stay creative at the same time! It truly is the perfect balance and a great way to start each day. "

Maddison L. (suwanee, ga)

"Life changing! Keeps my day to day life organized while also letting my creativity shine through."

Kyndal W. (atlanta, ga)

"Doing Well Daily has helped me create a mindful space where I can breathe & let go anxiety while also focusing on my goals." 

Jessica S. (charleston, sc)

"I've tried countless daily journals and planners, but none have had the consistent impact on my life as Doing Well Daily! This beautifuly simple journal provides the perfect combination of creativity and productivity with a much needed daily dose of gratitude." 

Taylor S. (hastings, ne)

"The daybook was the exact addition my life needed! I have been using it for the last three months and it has changed my mornings. Can't wait for the next one! "

Sadie W. (san diego, ca)

"The daybook makes a GREAT gift! All my girlfriends loved them at Christmas!!"

Nikki G. (nashville, tn)


snag your copy

I want to see how YOU make it your own!

Come say hi and make sure you tag me @doingwelldaily when you share your Doing Well Daily daybook!

It’s time to find your unshakeable confidence, practice daily wellness, and unlock your inner creativity…

It’s time to Do Well Daily.


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