about syd + doing well daily

Hey pretty, I’m Syd --
… New Mom, Corn Dog Connaisor + CEO of Doing Well Daily

I created my products out of a deep soulful passion for helping other women Do Well Daily through intentionality, journaling and mindfulness. I saw a major gap in the marketplace in what was available for planners or journals and knew I needed to fill it...

Because you see, my story really starts back in 2nd grade when I was diagnosed with moderate to severe dyslexia, meaning I read, write and process things backwards. Shortly after, I was also diagnosed with A.D.D., which meant I was easily distracted, disorganized and forgetful. Let me tell you, school was rough!

But in high school, I began to explore lettering and calligraphy, which is how I started to process things, make sense of the world around me and truly find my passion for art + creativity. 

Flash forward to my late 20s when I became obsessed with self-help books and really took my personal development journey to new heights. I took this knowledge and my passion for calligraphy + hand lettering to create a product that would help other women like me… 

Listen, I GET that struggle of getting (and keeping yourself) organized. Finding a planner that worked for me was never possible…until I created it

My mission is about helping YOU do well daily. 

That’s why I created the Doing Well Daily daybook. It’s truly built to adapt to you, not the other way around. Whether it’s your morning journal or your evening reflection, how you manage your side hustle or track your favorite Bible verses - this Daybook is for YOU... 

...the go-getter kinda girl 

...the hustler 

...the woman who refuses to settle 

… who always strives for that constant sense of growth.

Hope to connect with you soon! 

All the best -- Syd